UPDATE 2017 - *Branded Mortgage Rate Feature Sheets*

Upon further discussion, regrettably, our Custom Design Team will no longer be able to create custom/editable rate sheets, as all of these tools are accessible through our Dominion Lending Centres Intranet.

Both brokers, agents and franchise owners alike can access these documents and edit them to market personally to their mortgage business.

Please see the link provided here: https://secure.dominionintranet.ca/welcome/marketing_referral.php
(note you will need to login to your intranet account to access these pages and documents)


If you scroll down to "Real Estate Agent Relationships Tools", you will see a number of options to create custom Rate Sheets for both agents and brokerages.

Because Mortgage Rate Sheets and the numbers within these documents contain very sensitive information, our design team has decided to discontinue custom design for rate sheets: as there is no way to ensure/double-check that the information, rates and numbers going into these custom documents are correct or reflect the current rates in our industry accurately.

These rate documents found on the DLC Intranet will always be consistent with our current rates, and can easily be customised to suit your needs, including areas to add photos, personal information, logos and more!

Thanks so much for your understanding. If you should have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by submitting a request: support.dominionlending.ca



DLC Support & Design

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