What do I do if I did not receive my client's Filogix application?

When dealing with a problem like this, we want to first make sure that our Filogix application is working as intended. 

The first step would be to make sure your Filogix codes are input correctly into your intranet account. If you need to know how to do this or want to know how to check these codes after the fact, please review the following FAQ article.

Once you confirm that you have the correct codes inside of our your intranet account. We'll need to send ourselves a test application. To do so, navigate to your own online application and fill it out with information for testing purposes. When you send the application, you'll receive an email that looks like the following:

Jane Smith,

Thank you for submitting your mortgage application. If you have any questions or require immediate assistance please return contact by email referenced below. Please do not reply directly to this email.

Your Application Reference #: 604M-****-*****-*

If you did not receive this email after sending in the test application, then the application did not go through. A common issue that we have seen brokers encounter is when using the PDF form for the online application, the clients will not download this and open it in Adobe Reader like they're supposed to. Instead the application opens in their web browser which allows them to fill out the form but when they hit "submit", it doesn't actually send. Please contact our support team if you are unable to test your online application to the point where you receive this reference code and we can help out further.

Once you receive this reference code, you know for certain that everything is working as intended in our test environment. Now that we know this, we can ask our client for the reference number inside of the email they should have received. If they received a reference number and you still did not receive this application, please submit a support request as we will be able to track down the application and find out why it didn't go through. If the client did not receive a reference number but you did, then we can safely assume that something went wrong when they attempted to submit the application and from there we can ask them to try again. We recommend using Google Chrome and Adobe Reader when downloading the PDF application forms.

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