How Do I Add My Email Signature To A Client Manager Campaign Emails

  A) Make sure your email signature is saved as an image on your computer
  B) Once in Client Manager click on Templates tab
  C) From the selection drop down, find template names that begin with “Marketing Plan - …”
  D) Once your template is open, go into the body of the email and place your cursor where you wish to       see your email signature
  E) Then click on the image icon in the word processor, see screenshot below
  F) Click on Browse Server
  G) Click on Choose File, find your email signature on your computer and click Open
  H)  Click on Upload, if image does not show up, exit out of the image upload box and click Browse           server again. Your image should now appear, click on your image then click on the Select button below     you image. Click OK
  I)  Remember to click on SAVE, so that your new template will now be used in your email                   campaigns.

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