Domain Records For New Website

These instructions are intended for if your DNS is not managed by DLC. After clicking on the upgrade website button mentioned in the upgrade your website article, you'll need to follow these steps to have your new WordPress website visible on the internet:

1. Login to the website where you purchased your domain name.
2. Go to the Admin settings
3. Choose the option to Change DNS configuration
4. Change your A records to the following IP address:

You should have two entries most likely for A records. You should have and Please change the IP address from the old IP address( to the new IP address ( for both of these entries.

5. Save the changes and log out

Your website will be available within 24 hours of this being completed.

Note: If you are not comfortable making the above changes, we'd recommend sending this information to your domain name company and they should be able to perform these actions on your behalf.

IMPORTANT: You WILL need to renew your domain name! We will not be notified when it is due for renewal and cannot be responsible for a loss of possession.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding our your domain name and our new websites, please submit a support request and we can help out further.

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