How to setup your Dominion email account in Gmail Setup for Android (IMAP)

Some newer Android devices may not come with a standard "Email" app and instead its been replaced with the "Gmail" app. Please follow this article to setup your Dominion Lending Centres email account inside of Gmail on your Android device.


1. Now that we're made it to the add account interface, we'll need to choose what type of account we'd like to setup. Please choose "Other"


2. Next we'll need to enter our email address. After typing this in, please choose the "Manual Setup" option.


3. Next we'll choose what type of account we'd like to setup. For the purpose of this article, we'll be choosing Personal (IMAP). 


4. Next we'll type in our password.


5. Please input the following for your Incoming server settings:



6. Please input the following for your Outgoing server settings:

SMTP Server:


7. Next we can set how often our email app is syncing, we would recommend leaving these as your default settings.


8. Lastly, we'll setup our display name as this is going to be the name which shows up in combination with your email address when you send emails from this device.


You're done! If you're having any problems with this at all, please submit a support request and our support team can help out further.

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