How do I update my Filogix clients into Autopilot?

Filogix only speaks to Client Manager. You will have to manually add these clients into Autopilot or periodically do an export via Filogix and import it into Autopilot. You can find instructions on how to export from Filogix into Excel below.

Extracting data from Expert to Excel:

  1. Log In To Expert
  2. Click Tools
  3. Click Extract To CRM
  4. A bunch of options will come up, click on application number and in the box ‘from’ and ‘to’ put 1 in the first box and in the second box put a very high number such as 9,999,999.  You can also select a field such as “Application Entry Date”, select a “From” date of before you started in the industry and a “To” date of today’s date
  5. Hit search 
  6. Search results- Select all unlocked records at the top. At the very bottom, extract type CSV, pick very last option ‘consolidated’, it will take 10-15 minutes to retrieve the data
  7. Then click OK, save to disk, then it will say extract to CRM, save to desktop or my documents  


Once you've finished the above process, please see our FAQ article which explains how to import from Excel into Autopilot.

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