How to get setup for Paradigm(DLC broker portal)?

We at DLC do not have any control over the broker portal system which is run by a 3rd party company called Paradigm( If you'd like to get setup inside of the DLC Broker Portal or have any questions, it would be best to contact Paradigm directly using the following contact info:

DLC Broker Portal Contact Information
Paul Campbell, Director, Brand Development Ontario

Christine Kamel, Director, Brand Development Ottawa
514 245-9796 

Daryl Graham, Director Brand Development Western Canada

Customer Service
T: 1-855-892-5401 F:1-855-892-5406
Hours: 8am to 6pm ET, Mon to Fri.
Customer Service:


Note: This article is NOT referring to the DLC intranet which is an internal system for DLC broker's.

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