Where Did My Testimonials Go?

If you recently upgraded your website and you do not see your testimonials inside of the new testimonials section, don't panic!

All of the content which was not automatically transferred into your new website from your old website is stored in a location called "Legacy Content" inside of your new website editor(See below).


The reason why the testimonials do not auto transfer over is because the new testimonials section allows you to enter each testimonial individually rather than all in one block of text. The benefit here is that we are able to style each testimonial in a better way and also you can easily add and remove testimonials moving forward.

The quickest way to get back up and running with your testimonials is to navigate into the "Legacy Content" section and copy each individual testimonial into the new section.

If you're having problems with this, please submit a support request and we'd be happy to help out further!

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