How to Change Your Office Address

If you want to just update your website address Click Here


If you want to add an Office Address you will need to ask your Franchise owner to send a request for an evaluation of the new office address before we're able to assign you to that location.


Things to consider for this request the office you are trying to add

  • The new office has proper signage and approved by the Operations team.
  • The new office address is in a certain distance from other registered DLC office as well as other variables that Operations team need to consider as per franchise agreement
  • The new office should be registered in your provincial regulators

To submit a request for evaluation follow this steps


Login to your DLC intranet using the Franchise account or Owner account

Navigate to "Branch Offices" 

Click "Add office for approval"


Fill out the "Submit Franchise office" form


Click Submit




Keep in mind that the office that you'd like to change to needs to be registered in our system.

If you have any other questions please submit a support ticket here containing the address of your new registered office.




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