How do I add my email signature to Thunderbird (Mac)?

To add a generated HTML signature please take the following steps:

  • STEP 1: Click Copy Source Code button on the email signature tool to store a copy of your email signature.


  • STEP 2: Open Mozilla Thunderbird Mail on your mac.

  • STEP 3: Once Mozilla Thunderbird Mail is open, select Tools from the menu bar (top right), then select the Account Settings menu option.


  • STEP 4: In the Account Settings window, go to the Signature Text section. IMPORTANT In order to use HTML code you need to check the Use HTML box.


  • STEP 5: Paste your HTML code into the Signature Text field by pressing Command + V.


  • STEP 6: Close your account settings window and compose a new email or reply to an email. Your email signature should be automatically inserted into your emails.

    Please Note: If you see red lines around your email signature when composing/replying, don't worry about it, these red lines will not be sent with the signature.

You are now set up and ready to go!

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