How do I set up my company logo in MMT App?

  1. Open the MMT App and login with your credentials. The first window will be the home page once we login.

  2. In the home page, click on the 'Extra' tab on the bottom right corner as shown:


  3. Now, click on Profile option in the middle:

  4. Now, click on the arrow as shown below to open your profile:


  5. Click on 'Set company logo' option:


  6. Now select the desired image from your phone's gallery and adjust the logo into the squared box so that it fits in properly. *Note - If the picture is not fitting inside the box (picture is too big) you might need to resize the picture to make it fit into the box.*

  7. Click on 'Choose' option once the picture is adjusted into the box and now, you are all done with setting up your company' logo. 


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