How do I login into MMT App?

  1. After downloading your app from the Apple Store or Play Store -Open your MMT App on your mobile phone.

  2. Once the App is open, the first screen would be the Home page. Click on the Log in tab at the top left hand corner:

  3. Now, in the login screen, click on the Broker Login tab as shown below. Note: Do not place your credentials before clicking the Broker Login tab as that login space is for the clients. Brokers need to click on the Broker Login tab to get to their login interface.


  4. Once you click on the Broker Login option, you would be directed to a new page asking for your username and password. This is where brokers will place their credentials.

  5. Once you have successfully logged in, you can access your Admin panel for your personalized tab by clicking on Admin button on the top left hand corner as shown:

  6. Once you tap on the Admin button, you will now be seeing your Admin panel which looks like this:
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