Adding your signature to Gmail account

Once you have copied your email signature, follow the instructions below to set up your signature on Gmail account:


  1. Login to your Gmail account and open the settings by clicking on the settings option on the top right corner as shown:



  2. Now, a new options window will open and select "See all settings" from the options at the top:

  3. Now, scroll down till you find the Signature option in the menu bar. Once you get to the signature tab, click on "+ Create New" option to create a new signature as shown:

  4. Now give any name for your new signature (in this case, I have written Test signature) and click on Create:

  5. Now, select the name you gave and paste your signature in the field as shown:
  6. Now in the signature defaults section, make your newly created signature as default. Simply click on the drop down menu on "For New Emails Use" and select the name of the signature you just created:
  7. Now do the same for "On Reply/Forward Use" and select the signature name from the drop down menu:

  8. Now, at the very bottom, click on Save Changes to save your new signature set up:
  9. Now do a test to check if newly created signature is appearing on the emails or not. There might sometimes be issues with the signature appearing in plain text and no pictures are being displayed. To solve this issue, simply click on the 3 dots (as shown below) in the new composed email and uncheck the Show in plain text:



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