How do I create emails on Autopilot?

Please see below the step by step instructions on creating a script to send out.

  1. Go to the Media Centre.
  2. Click on message template.mceclip1.png
  3. In the subject line type in your subject.
  4. Highlight where it says type your message here and type in what it says in your attachment
  5. If you want to add a photo you must first add it into the media centre in images
  6. Put your cursor where you want to add the photo in the script.
  7. Click on the image icon and browser the image.
  8. Click on the photo you want and press OK – your photo will now be added to the script
  9. If you want to link something, type in what you want to link or click here to watch etc.
  10. Click on the hyperlink icon.
  11. Copy and paste or type in the web address.
  12. Click on OK.mceclip2.png
  13. Now continue editing your script and when done click on Save As.
  14. Rename it what you want (do not leave it as message template).
  15. Click on Save. Now go to the Message Centre.
  16. Click on Send Message. Choose immediately.
  17. Choose the list you want to send it to ( I would suggest sending a test to your email first so you can see how it is received).
  18. Choose the script that you just created (this will bring it up into the body and all other information will fill in when you send it).
  19. Click on Send.
  20. You will get a message processing box.
  21. When it has sent successfully you will see email sent successfully in bright green across the top.
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