AUTOPILOT | Adding a Signature Photo

Autopilot | Adding a Signature Photo

(You may want to save your photo from your website onto your desktop before we begin)

  1. Log into Autopilot
  2. Go to media centre
  3. Click on images
  4. Click on add
  5. Name your image
  6. Browse to pull in your jpeg image
  7. Hit upload
  8. When the picture uploads it will bring you into a new screen showing the picture, above it there will be a drop down box that says presets, choose signature
  9. A small box will appear in the top left corner of the picture that has been uploaded, move this box to where you want it and then you can size your photo by putting your cursor in one of the corners and dragging it to open
  10. Once your picture is placed to your satisfaction click on finish
  11. The image will now show on another screen (will be wider than how it will actually show), choose to assign it to your signature. 
  12. Now in your images you will see your picture and it will be assigned to your signature
  13. Once your pictures are uploaded you can go into your setup
  14. Click on client data
  15. Click on c_photo
  16. Click on "Click Here" to modify image, this will take you to your image library
  17. Click on the image you have just added
  18. Click on Update
  19. Once updated, your photo will now show on your newsletters, rate minders and any other scripts


In future, if you should have any further questions or concerns pertaining to your Autopilot account please submit a ticket to our support portal for all of your inquiries.

Thank you!

DLC Support


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