My email won't send!

If you are receiving a 500 error:

Email Error 551

Email Error 552

Email Error 553


If you can receive emails but not send: 

your outgoing server settings are incorrect. To resolve this go to your email program and find your account settings for that email (the interface varies for each email program but the settings are the same).


Make sure the outgoing server settings are as follows:

Outgoing Server:

Port: "465" with SSL On OR "587" with SSL Off

Server Authentication (SMTP): Turned on and login is set to the same as incoming server settings


Here is an example of outgoing settings for Outlook, to get to the first screenshot click "File" then "Account Settings" then select the email account and click "Change" above it:



If you are still having issues with your email, please submit a ticket via the Support Portal.

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