Email Error 552

A 552 email error is typically encountered when there is a problem related to an attachment in your email. Either it has exceeded the size limits of the remote server, or the file-type isn't allowed by the remote server.

Some mail servers also seem to use this error code incorrectly when blocking a message due to triggering a filter such as a URL in the message being found in a domain black list.

Common variations of the 552 email error:

  • 552 5.2.2 Mailbox quota exceeded for this recipient: This issue needs to be resolved on the recipient's end by them clearing out space for more email.
  • 552 5.2.3 Message size exceeds fixed maximum message size: Most mail programs and mail servers allow a maximum email size of 20-25Mb, if your email is around that size, try sending 2 smaller emails or uploading the attachment to a cloud service and sending the link for it.
  • 552 5.2.0 A URL contained in this message is blacklisted: Try sending the URL through other means.


If you are still having issues, please submit a ticket via the Support Portal by CLICKING HERE.


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