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If your mailbox is full you need to make space via your mail program. The instructions below are for accounts set up as POP3. If your account is set up as an IMAP account we recommend following the archiving steps below for all the mail you want to save, then re-setup the email account as a POP3. Instructions to set up your Outlook account as POP3 can be found here:



  • The first thing to do is change your account settings so we can clear items off the server. Begin by clicking on "File" then clicking "Account Settings": 




  • Now select your Dominion Lending email account and click "Change": 




  • Ensure that your email account is a POP3 account and click on "More Settings": 




  • Now verify that your settings in "Advanced" are set as shown in the red box in the screenshot below then click "OK":





  • Now you can either delete unwanted emails from your inbox and then empty them from the folder as shown below, or you can just empty what's currently in the "Deleted Items" and "Junk Email" folders. Begin by right clicking the folder and selecting "Empty Folder" for both Deleted Items and Junk Email: 




Archiving Your Email:

Now we need to archive your old email Outside of your mailbox:

  • Click on "File" then "Tools" then "Clean Up Old Items": 



  • Select your Inbox then select a date from which you want to archive every mail items from before that date, in this example we have selected December 1, 2015. Then click "OK": 




The archiving should have been successful, if it did not move the mail you wanted from your inbox to your archive folder then you will have to manually archive them. This error occurs mainly because Outlook archives from the last modified date and not the date it was received, and also could be from Outlook being unable to archive a full email box. Follow the steps below to manually archive mail:


  • Go into your inbox and scroll down to the bottom of it, from there click on 1 piece of mail, hold down Shift and scroll up to the date you want to archive to. Once all the mail has been selected, right click, and select "Move" and "Other Folder":




  • Now select your Archive folder and click "OK":



Once Archiving has been successful click on "Send/Receive All Folders", once done the server should begin updating and clearing out old mail over the next 30 minutes.




If you are still unsuccessful with clearing out space, please submit a ticket via the Support Portal by CLICKING HERE.


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