Adding widgets to websites (In Progress)

To add a Facebook or Twitter widget to your website begin by logging into the Intranet then access your website editor





Once you open the website editor click on "Advanced Settings". From there you will see the options for widgets:



Now you need to follow instructions for either Facebook or Twitter below. Please note: It is important to use the Page ID instead of just your page name to link the widget, if you use your page name for the widget and later on change the name of your page it will cause your widget to not function.


To add a widget to Facebook: 


Begin by logging into your Facebook, going to your page and clicking "Settings" from there you can see how to find the Page ID with the image below:




Then highlight your Page ID, copy it, and paste it into the Facebook Widget field as shown here:



Then scroll down and click "Save Settings" and your page should now have the widget showing.




To add a Twitter widget:


Coming Soon

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