My Photo Won't Upload!

The most common reasons why you may be unsuccessful in uploading your photo is either it is too high of a resolution/size or it is the wrong file format. 


Follow these instructions if you have a PC (this will work for both issues):


  • Find the file on your computer you want for your photo, right click and press "Open With Paint":



  • Click on "Resize":




  • Select to resize by Pixels and enter 500 in horizontal, it will maintain the aspect ratio for the vertical so leave that as is, then click "OK":



  • Finally click on the top left and select "Save As Jpeg" then save your file:


You should now be able to upload your photo as it has been re-sized and saved as a Jpeg file. 


If you are still unsuccessful in uploading your file please submit a ticket via the Support Portal by CLICKING HERE.

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