How do I submit an Intranet update request form


Intranet updates

Please read the following to learn how to submit Intranet updates. 

Use this step-by-step guide and learn how to properly fill out an Intranet submission form. This system will ensure requests are updated accurately and promptly. Are you ready? You'll see, it's a piece of cake.

Step 1:

Go on the Intranet page you would like to modify



We will be using a fictitious example in order to illustrate all the steps of an Intranet submission form.

In this example, we want to add a document to the "News" section of the Intranet, hence we will login and click on the page we will want to modify.

So far, so good? 



Step 2:

Copy the URL of the page you would like to modify


Click on the browser and select the URL of the page you would like to modify. Copy the link by:

- Pressing "CTRL C" or
- Right clicking and selecting "copy"

You have now saved the page link to your clipboard. We will use the link in the next step

Don't start multi-tasking! Complete the submission form before checking your emails


Step 3:

Scroll all the way down and select the "Intranet Submissions" 


At the bottom of each page of the Intranet, there are the following four options:

Home | FAQ | Intranet Submissions | Contact info

Choose the third one, "Intranet Submissions"


Step 4:

Paste the URL into the "Update page" box



Remember the URL link we saved to the clipboard in Step 2? We will now copy it in the "Update Page" box. Simply click on the box and press "CTRL V" or right click and select "paste" 

This will indicate to the programmers where to go to upload your request


Step 5: 

Adjust "Release date" if needed. 


Every Intranet update submitted is effective the following Monday. The deadline to submit a form is Thursday 11:59 pm (if a form is submitted on Friday, it will only be processed two Mondays later)

If you want your request to be handled later than the regular time frame, please adjust the release date box. Select the best Monday to process your request. 



Step 6: 

Upload a document if needed


If you would like to upload a document, please do it under the upload file category. You are responsible for providing the correct file(s) to the programmers.

If your document exceeds the size limit DON'T PANIC! It happens to the best of us! Here is what you must do:

1- Erase the content in the "Upload file" box. ( generally just the name of the file you have already tried uploading)

2- Complete your Intranet Submission ( Steps 7,8,9) without the document

3- Once ( and only once) your form is filled up and sent out, open your emails

4- Send a new email to "" you can copy "" but it is not mandatory.

5- Attach your document to the email and mention this document will need to be uploaded with your Intranet update request. You can also say you love working for DLC and it is the best company in the world, but most of us already know :-) 

6- You can now sleep peacefully, your job is done!


Step 7: 

File Title & File Archived Date



File Title and File Archived Date are not mandatory.
Please fill these out if you need to have a title next to your document and/or if you want a specific date to appear next to it. 


Step 8: 



List clearly all your instructions.

Perhaps you want your document to be uploaded at the bottom of the page. This is where you have to write all details & specifications.


Step 9: 

Submit and you are DONE!


Hit the "Submit" button and make sure the confirmation message appears on top of the screen.

Voilà! You are done!


Questions? Need Help? 

Don't hesitate to contact us: 


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