Why is my revenue missing? Why my award in the DLC Intranet is missing?

If you don't see your award on the Intranet Click Here

If your revenue figures are incorrect, please first check at the top of the Intranet for the date when the figures were updated (see yellow highlight below for where to look for the last update date).
The Intranet can be up to eight weeks delayed in reporting. Also, the "Revenue" and number of files ONLY reflect YTD values.


To check your exact Revenue and Number of files

Click the "Reports" button to view the full breakdown.



To view, the yearly breakdown go to Summary

To view, the monthly breakdown go to Transactions


If you still feel the figure is incorrect, check with your Franchise owner that all data has been update from them. 


Finally, if still incorrect, please submit a support request and our team would be happy to help out.

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