Adding a signature to Webmail

There are 3 options to choose from to add a signature to webmail:

1. Plain text signature

2. HTML signature

3. Image file signature


Please follow these general instructions to get to the signature options in webmail, then follow specific instructions for each signature type:




  • Then on the left side click on "Accounts" and click on the default identity:




To add a plain text signature

  • First begin by adding your name to the name field, then below click on the text field and enter what you want for your email signature, then click "Update":




To add an HTML email signature

  • If you don't already have an HTML email signature please see these instructions.
  • Begin by clicking the page icon shown here to activated rich text signatures:



  • From there open up your HTML file you have saved (it should open in your web browser). Once open click onto the page in your browser then if you are using a PC press CTRL+A to select everything followed by CTRL+C to copy everything, now go back to your signature window and click into the signature field and press CTRL+V to paste it. It should paste your email signature, click "Update" to save it. (If you are using a Mac: follow the same steps but use Command instead of CTRL)



To add an image signature

  • Click on the image icon highlighted here:



  • Click the upload check box then click on "Choose File" and select the image file you want to upload and click OK:



  • You now have the image file in your signature, you can either click "Update" and be done or you can link the image file to a webpage, to do so begin by clicking on the image once to select it, then the link icon:



  • From there you can type in the URL you wish to link your image to and click "OK" then "Update" and you're done!:

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