What are the sports sponsorships provided by DLC?

DLC Sports Team Initiative Launch:

Dominion Lending Centres is excited to announce the launch of our new Sports Sponsorship Initiative! This initiative was launched due to the need to support local kids Hockey and Soccer teams in communities across Canada and also to leverage the unique branding opportunity created by doing so. Sponsoring local junior Hockey and Soccer teams (18 and under) offers several fantastic benefits, here are some of the key reasons to get behind this initiative:

1.     The fan base for local junior sporting teams is a ready database to target

2.     Team fans are keenly loyal and extend that loyalty to the team sponsors

3.     Fans offer an extended network through friends and family

4.     It enables you to raise brand awareness and develop brand preference in
the marketplace

5.     Create positive PR and raise awareness of your organization as a whole

6.     Provide attractive context for your products or services

7.     Provide events for promoting your good relations with clients


o    Dominion Lending Centres will pay half (to a maximum of $500) of the investment to sponsor a local sports teams’ jerseys and/or jackets for hockey and soccer teams in communities all across Canada

o    This initiative applies to hockey and soccer teams only, the reason for this is that Soccer and Hockey enjoy the longest sports seasons in Canada

o    This initiative is for junior sports teams, 18 year olds and younger (the later playing hours of adult teams make for a smaller fan base and overall lessen the impact)

o    This initiative is specifically for jersey sponsorship and for teams playing a minimum of 6 games with those jerseys

o    Dominion Lending Centres will approve all logo designs on sponsored jerseys before they go to print. Please upload all print proofs to via the Support Portal and allow at least 3 business days for approval. Please note that approval must be obtained before going ahead with the printing

o    The Dominion Lending Centres Logo used must be the most prominent sponsor logo on the jerseys and be a minimum of 25 CM across and strictly adhere to the logos, dimensions, colours and standards in our Graphics & Trademark Standards book found here: DLC Branding

o    Once Marketing has given the go-ahead for the artwork and you have received approval for sponsorship from Stephanie, the broker/agent will be responsible for paying for the entire sponsorship amount and then sending the invoice/receipt in to stephanie@dominionlending.ca for reimbursement of half the cost (up to a maximum of $500)

o    This initiative goes into effect today, April 22nd 2013, going forward, and cannot be applied to any past sponsorships

o    Due to this being a carefully monitored pilot project there will be no variations whatsoever to the program outlined above at this time

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