My Client Manager Email Campaigns Are Not Working

a) Check your Settings to ensure your Profile is complete. When logged into Client Manager, click on the “Settings” link in the top right corner, next to the “Help Center” link

b) Ensure that your profile is complete (every field with an “*” must be completed) and then click “Save”

c) Click on “Marketing Plans” and open each email campaign by clicking on the +Show Actions

d) Ensure your campaigns are turned ON

e) Check to see if clients received emails

i) Click on “Contacts”

ii) Search for client and click on their name

iii) Once in your client’s Contact file, scroll down to the bottom under “Activity History”. This section will show you all emails or tasks that have been sent out and when.

Please note: The activity History populates on both the Contact and Application record depending on the type of campaign. If the campaign is using a contacts group the Activity will populate on the Contact Record & if the campaign is using an applications group (closings, maturities etc..) the Activity will populate within the application record.

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