How is my award level calculated?

  • The yearly Awards Program is based off gross revenue earned and number of mortgages funded as reported by your franchise to DLC Head Office.

  • All Lender revenue paid to a Brokerage and reported to DLC on A, Private or Commercial business counts towards the DLC awards program.  Revenue received for MPP, Insureline, Visa and other transactions does not count towards the awards program.   

  • The month the revenue is received by the Brokerage is the month that it will count for, regardless of the mortgage closing date.   IE, any pay received by the Franchise between October 1st and October 31st will count towards October's numbers in the DLC Award program.  Pay received on November 1st up to November 30th will count towards November's numbers and so on.

  • All lender revenue before split is counted.  For clarity sake; the revenue showing in the awards portion of the DLC intranet is not after split and other deductions but before split or deductions. 

  • As you hit either the minimum gross revenue OR minimum number of funded files tier for each award level, you will see your Award level change in the DLC intranet.

  • If as example you have achieved the 'Gold' level of Revenue but the 'Platinum' level # Of Files Funded, you will be awarded the higher of the two achieved (in this example, Platinum).

  • The award level achieved includes the ability to use the associated badge for marketing and credibility building purposes. You can use these badges for Email Signatures, Business Cards, Websites, Flyers or virtually any other marketing method that you choose.

  • Only individual volume counts towards these awards, having licensed assistants on your team helping you process files however is fine.

  • Yearly Award levels include yearly issued certificates or framed certificates that can be hung up at the office or at home. These certificates and plaques will be sent by March 31st following the year that the award was earned (starting for 2015 production onwards).
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