How to add your Dominion email account in Mac Mail

1) Click on the 'Mail' menu and select preferences
2) Make Sure 'Accounts' is selected
3) Create an account by clicking the + icon at the lower left hand side of the window
4) Type in your dominion email address and password for your email
5) Select an account type (POP is recommended)

6) Fill out the incoming server, username and password to the following:

Incoming Mail Server: 
Username: [your email account]
Password: [your email password]

WARNING: Mac Mail like other email clients likes to fill out the username automatically, but this information will be incorrect.

For example: if your email was Mac Mail will fill in your username with "name". However, your username is the full email name ""

7) Click Continue (if you are prompted with a 'Verify Certificate' window just click Connect)

Now we will be setting up the Outgoing Server Info. These settings handle outgoing mail.

8) Fill out the Outgoing Server with the same settings as the incoming.
Make sure you choose to authenticate using "Password" and you type in your full email and password again.

Proper Server Names and Port Numbers:

If these steps have not worked for you, please submit a support ticket so that our team can assist with the set up.

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