How do I create a blog post?

To start, you'll need to login to your website editor. Please view the "How Do I Edit My Website?" FAQ if you are unsure as to how to login to your website editor.

Once you're inside of your website editor, click on the "Posts" menu item as seen below:


After you click on Posts, you'll see an interface which will allow you to manage your blog posts once you have some created. Click on the "Add New" button:


Now you'll be able to create your blog post. Choose a title and fill out the content area with the blog piece you'd like to write (or a DLC National Blog Post). You can also setup categories to assign blog posts to if you plan on having blog posts about different topics. Once you're done editing, click the "Publish" button as seen below:


That's it! You've created a blog post on your website. To view this post, navigate to your website and view the "Blog" section.

Please submit a support request if you have any questions or concerns and our Support Team would be happy to help out further.

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