Where can I find website tutorials?

1. Our website editors come pre-loaded with video tutorials. These resources should be used as a first step in getting yourself familiarized with our website editing interface. To find these tutorials, please follow these steps:

Login to your website editor.

To access your website editor, login to the DLC Intranet and click "Website":


Navigate to the "Tutorials" menu item in the top left hand corner


Once you click on this, you'll see a list of videos which cover different topics related to website editing



2. Also, we have a saved training webinar to help the brokers on website editing. Here are the steps to watch the video:

Click on this link - https://secure.dominionintranet.ca/welcome/trainingcentre_webinars.php and it will take you to the training portal. On the left side, go on the Training Centre option and then click on DLC Key Tool Training.  



Here you can find any training video such as How to edit my website:



Note: Our Support Team does not offer web development services but we can help out with minor changes to your DLC hosted website.

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