How do I change the colours of my app?

When your client downloads your personalized app, they will be using the theme(colours) that you have setup inside of your admin section. If you'd like to change your colours away from the DLC Blue and to your own branding, please follow this guide:

  • First login as admin and enter the admin section of the app as seen below:


  • Once you've logged into the admin section, tap on "Change Colours"


  • From here you can choose your Primary and Secondary colours for your app. The Primary colour is the colour used for the majority of the interface and the Secondary colour is for buttons and smaller aspects of the app. 


  • Once you've finished changing colours, click the back arrow in the top left hand corner.

You're finished! Once you go back to the home page of the app, you'll notice that the colours have changed according to the changes you just made.

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