What is the content policy for submitting a custom design request?

  • Choose a Template From the Marketing Centre
    • If the design is not from the marketing centre have the following ready:
      • If the design is for PRINT include the dimensions - width and hight
      • If the design is for DIGITAL have the resolution or the intended use of the image (ie. which social media platform or where on a website)
  • Preparing Your Content
    • If applicable to your design request make sure to include the following:
      • The written content to be included:
        • Name, Title, Contact information
        • Any personal tag-lines or slogans
        • The body of your written content (please proof-read and edit before submitting)
      • Images
        • Headshots
        • Any drawings that help explain your request
          • NOTE: Only typed written content is accepted, any written content that you provide will need to also be included in a Word document or .txt file.
        • If you have a specific image you would like to use please include that as well. However, the Marketing Centre designers have access to a large stock photo library to give your design that added professional touch, just let us know what your looking for.
  • Submitting Your Design Request
    • Please fill out the design request form as best as possible, anything that does not match the specified fields offered can be included in the body of your design request.
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