Enhanced dominionlending.ca Email Accounts

We are excited to announce that tonight - Friday, October 18th - we are making changes to our email hosting systems here at Dominion Lending Centres!
  • EmailBIGGER email boxes, now 25 GB up from 2 GB 
  • Send larger files and attachments, now 50 MB up from 20 MB
  • Premium spam and virus protection
  • Easily recover deleted email
  • DLC webmail portal with improved features within the interface
  • Problems from the last few weeks - GONE!
  • ...and more!

Two Steps and Three Minutes To Email Bliss

There are a few easy changes you can make when you access your email for the first time on your desktop, laptop, phone and/or tablet which will make this transition even better.



You will see the following "Internet Security Warning" or a similar graphic depending on your device when you access your email:

Internet Security Warning Message

Just hit YES (or DETAILS and TRUST - depending on your device) and your email will send and receive.



Remember when you started at DLC and you needed to do a one time setup for your incoming and outgoing mail servers in your email programs and devices where you access your dominionlending.ca email including computer, laptop, smartphones, tablets, etc.? Well, you need to do it one more time.

Follow the instructions below to change the incoming and outgoing mail servers in your email programs and devices. 

This will take about two minutes for you to complete and we have detailed instructions below so click the appropriate link:

FYI - here are the general email settings for those of you who are a bit more techy.

Some other points to note:

  • When you change your password on the DLC Intranet this will NOT also change your DLC email password as you have been accustomed to. To change your DLC email password, you will now visit our new provider (Rackspace) and make the change there. Here's a link on how to do that.
  • Want to use the enhanced auto-responder? Here's a link so you can learn more. NOTE: if you had an auto-responder set to ON in the current email system, when we migrate to the new system, it will remain ON so you do not have to adjust for now.
  • Prefer to forward your dominionlending.ca mail to a different email address? Instead of adjusting via the Intranet, you will visit our new provider (Rackspace) and make the change there. Here's a link on how to do that.
  • As well, we have a new and improved webmail interface for you along with a new URL to access your webmail. https://apps.rackspace.com. This way should you run into challenges making "step 2" changes above on your devices, you will still be able to access your email here.


If YES - we're here to help!

1) Book a time with our Support Team - starting on Friday after 5pm PT / 8pm ET - using a handy online appointment tool you can access by clicking here. NOTE: be sure to enter your affected dominionlending.ca email address as your email address in the booking form.

2) Our technician will call you at the start of your appointment and may have you grant them access to your computer via a remote access tool. This way they can do all the work and you can do other things! For smart phone and tablets we will talk you through the process as we cannot log into those devices. If you need help with your smartphone please give us a phone number other than your smartphone.

We do expect higher than average requests for assistance so please attempt the changes above first before booking an appointment. I think you will find you can quickly and easily follow the instructions and make the adjustments yourself.
If you have any questions, please feel CLICK HERE to submit a ticket via our Support Portal so our entire team can assist..
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