How to add, delete, edit emails signature in your Webmail - Rackspace

Login to webmail by navigating to

Click on the menu in the top right hand corner


Click "Settings"



Click on "Composing Email"

Click on "Add New Signature" or Edit or Delete


Adding Email Signature

Type a name for your signature

     Click "Enable Formatting"

              Now you can modify the font style, font size or text color or add an image for your custom signature.

                  Also you can add a link to your signature by clicking the insert/edit link mceclip7.png icon 



Highlight the text or image and click the  mceclip7.png insert/edit link icon

Add the URL address



Click OK to close the Insert/Edit Link window

Click OK to close the Add New signature window


Click "Save" and you're done!

When you compose an email you can now choose your signature



If you want your signature to automatically show up

Go to the Identities tab choose the profile you want to add your default signature 

Click the profile then Click Edit

In the Edit Identity window from the drop down menu choose the Default Signature you want to use

Then Click OK
Click Save and You're done!




The Full Name field is what your clients will see beside your email



If you are still unable to install your signature successfully please submit a ticket via the Support Portal by CLICKING HERE.

Just let us know what email signature you are using e.i. DLC generated or custom from marketing/design team.

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