Updating your Dominion Email account in Outlook Setup

Inside of Outlook, click on the FILE tab in the top left 

Click on “Account Settings” and then again on “Account Settings” inside of the drop-down menu

 Next select on the email account which you need to update your password OR incoming and outgoing servers or for and then hit the “Repair…” button

 Now expand the “Advanced options” drop-down and check the box for “Let me repair my account manually” and then click on “Repair”

 Now you should see the interface as shown below:

Incoming Mail: 

Username: YourEmail@dominionlending.ca

Password: ************      (Enter your NEW* Rackspace Password)

Check the server settings

Server: Secure.emailsrvr.com    Port: 993

Encryption Method: SSL/TLS or SSL



Check the server Outgoing Mail settings

Server: Secure.emailsrvr.com    Port: 465

Encryption Method: SSL/TLS or SSL



Make sure the “My outgoing (SMTP) server requires authentication” is selected


After you've entered this information, Click next and you're done!

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