How do I change the font style of my .pdf document?

Step 1) Select Prepare Form ( you will need the subscription version of Adobe Acrobat) if you do not see Prepare Form you may need to add it to the toolbar​​. To add Prepare Form, look for the More Tools button at the bottom of the sidebar under all other tools you have.


Step 2) After selecting Prepare Form, right-click Properties... 

Step 3) Go to the Appearance Tab, here you can change the Font and Font Size 

Step 4) Make sure in the Options Tab only Check Spelling and Multi-line are checked. This will ensure the paragraph starts in the right position. 

Then press Close and select Preview to test your PDF form.


If you have any questions or concerns of not having a full version of Adobe Acrobat, please submit a design request and we can help out further.

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