How do I add my email signature to Gmail?

Please follow the steps below to add the hyperlinked image signature in your Gmail

1) Download the image signature file to your PC.
2)Click on the small Gear icon on the top right side of the Gmail(as shown in the picture)


3) Click "See All Settings" option.

4) From within the General tab, scroll down until you see the signature field. Click "Create New" to create a new email signature. Give any name to your email signature. Select your new image signature by clicking on the Picture icon(as shown below)
Choose Upload> Select a file from  your device and select your image signature from where you saved it in step 1



5)The new email signature will get inserted in the signature field.



Select the new signature for new emails and replies.



Scroll down and click on Save Changes option. Compose a new email to test your new signature.


At this point, the file size might be little big. To resize the email signature in gmail, follow these steps

Adding hyperlink to the signature.

6) Once the size is selected and the image is properly inserted, you can add a link to the image to your website for example. To Add a link to image, click on the image inside the signature field and select the whole image by clicking on the signature and hover the mouse cursor over the image . The blue color indicates that the image is selected as shown below.



7) Click on the Link icon beside the picture icon(see below)


8) When you click on the Link icon, you will see the Edit Link dialog box. Insert the link that you want in the Web address field and delete everything in the Text to display field. CLICK OK. Scroll down and click on Save Changes option.

You are done! Test your hyperlinked signature by composing and sending a new email.

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