What to do if my mailbox is full?

Your online mail storage is 25 GB to avoid running into this problem, you'll need to delete emails or move old important emails into an archive which is outside of your DominionLending.ca online mailbox.

Archive emails

  • Start by archiving/deleting old emails that are in the sent folder then
  • Start by  archiving/deleting old deals that are closed
  • Start archiving old emails in your inbox / sub folders
  • All your emails will now be moved to your local drive/machine
  • We recommend having another copy of the archive file and store it on an external hard drive.

Empty your Trash folder

  • Trash folder gets deleted every 30 days
  • If you have a phone you might have to delete some email in the “Deleted Messages or Deleted Items” as it still occupies your online mail storage.

Organize emails by folders and labels

  • This will help you locate important files/emails
  • This will also help you archive emails much faster

For Microsoft Outlook

How to manually  Archive old emails in Outlook(store them locally in your PC)

How to Archive older items automatically(in Outlook)

How to Open Archived Emails Data File(.pst) in Outlook


How to check my storage capacity

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