How can I check the Spam folder of my DLC mailbox?

If you are forwarding all your emails to a third party email account:

The email which are marked as SPAM in the Dominion Mail do not get forwarded to a third party email account. They simply remain in the Spam folder in your Dominion mailbox.

This is simply done to protect user security and for the safety of our domains. However, if you feel that you have missed some important email due to the security filters, here are the steps to check your spam folder for Dominion Mailbox. 


1. Login to your DLC intranet

2. Click "Webmail" - Rackspace

Note: If you don't have DLC intranet for your account, you can also directly login to

Rackspace webmail by going to


3. Enter your own Email credentials:


Password:  Your Dominion Email password

Note: DLC Intranet ( and Rackspace Webmail ( ) are two separate accounts and might use a different password.




4. Once you are logged in, locate for a folder named "Spam" from the menu bar on the left to check all the  emails which were potentially marked as Spam


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