• When is Manulife shutting down Nexa?

Wednesday March 31st, 2021


  • Why am I only been given 90 days’ notice regarding the sunsetting of the Nexa platform?

Contractually Manulife is only obligated to give users 90 days’ notice.


  • What is my solution?

With Nexa shutting down, DLC Group came up with a solution through our technology partner Newton

Velocity. This brand-new CRM will have all the functionality of Client Manager/Client Communicator, but

with additional technology features that will allow you to manage your client interactions more



  • What is the cost to be part of the new CRM solution?

Newton will not be charging DLC Group brokers or agents any subscription fee for CRM. Velocity CRM

subscribers outside of the DLC Group will incur a monthly fee.


  • Will the new CRM have the same functionalities as Client Manager/Client Communicator?

Newton Velocity is pleased to provide you with the same campaigns that you know and love today, in

addition to a more advanced template creator and additional communication options (i.e.: SMS) for a

more fulsome and future forward solution.


  • How do I transfer my data to the new platform?

Once you export your data from Nexa, it will be saved as a CSV file that you can upload into the new

Velocity CRM or alternate tool of your choosing.


 CLICK HERE for a video on how to Export Contact and Application Data.

IMPORTANT: You will need to export all of your data by March 31, 2021, including Client Data,

Mortgage Application Data and Campaign templates. Any data not exported, by March 31, 2021, will

no longer be available as the platform will be shut down and purged of all data.


  • Is my data secure upon transfer?

Yes, Newton will be providing you a secure import tool to transfer in your Nexa data well in advance of

the March 31st date.


  • How difficult will it be to transition from Client Manager/Client Communicator with this new CRM?

Easy! Once the data transfer is completed, DLC Group Brand Ambassadors and Velocity trainers will be

available to help ensure your campaigns (current and new) continue to fire, and you are made aware of

the newly created benefits in the new Velocity CRM


  • What will happen to my Nexa CRM campaigns if I haven’t transitioned to Velocity by March 31st?

With Nexa scheduled to sunset effective April 1st, your current campaigns will no longer be distributed

as of that date. Limited functionality of the new CRM is possible but it would require you to have a

Velocity account. For Velocity users, you will have more efficient and connective options and the CRM

system will completely tie in with your database.


  • What will happen if I don’t extract my data before March 31st?

Manulife will purge all data on March 31st and you will lose your data.


  • What happens to my DLC & MCC monthly newsletter?

Both DLC and MCC monthly newsletter will not be impacted and will be available through the new CRM

via Velocity.


  • Will the CRM be available in French?

Instructions for how to use the system will be available in French. The CRM system itself will be in

English-only until later in 2021.


  • What should I do next?

We recommend that you get registered with Velocity, sooner rather than later, and focus on your

submissions which will drive the rest of your database.


  • Who can I call or talk to for more information? or 1-866-290-6067

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