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I acknowledge and agree that I am responsible for ensuring that any design produced by DLC’s marketing team is compliant with the advertising guidelines stipulated by the applicable provincial mortgage broker regulator. I further acknowledge and agree that it is my responsibility to ensure all such designs provided by the DLC Marketing Team have been approved by my Supervising Broker. I acknowledge and agree that all designs provided by the DLC Marketing team must include the DLC trademarks/logo and use of these trademarks/logo must adhere to the DLC Brand Identity Guidelines. I understand that the DLC Marketing Team’s sole responsibility to ensure the proper use the DLC trademarks/logo. While the DLC Marketing Team may provide some advice regarding the compliant design of a marketing piece, DLC and the DLC Marketing Team do not accept any liability or responsibility for the final design of any product and whether or not such product is compliant with the provincial regulator’s advertising regulations or violates an existing trademark or copywritten material. Such compliance, as well as the use of any images or phrases that I provide, is solely my responsibility.

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