How to get the link for Bendigi Calculator?

Login to MMT application (Here's the article you can refer if you need help in login to your MMT application)

Step 1: Click on settings on your MMT application.

1st SS.jpg


Step 2: Click on Web Login

2nd SS.jpg

Step 3: Click on "Scan to Log in".

3rd SS.JPG


Step 4: Click on the link below. 

Step 5: Click on Login and scan the QR code from MMT application.

Scan QR code.PNG

Congratulations! you have logged in to your Bendigi admin console. 

Step 6: Click on Widgets then Add a new website. 

Step 5.PNG

Step 7: Add all of the required details in the form to add a new website.

Step 8: Once your website is added, Click on your website button to access Widget Embed Code. 



Step 9: Click on "Calculator Hub" and Copy the code and paste it in your Notepad as you will need to put the code in the WordPress .



*Disclaimer: This calculator is not the product of Dominion Lending Centres Inc. It is a Third party app managed by the Bendigi Technologies.


To Contact Bendigi Technologies, Please follow the article below if you have any questions regarding the Calculator: 


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