How to add the Bendigi Calculator on your website ?

Now you can add Bendigi Calculators on your DLC websites. Below are the steps how you can add it:

Step 1: Log in to your DLC intranet and then click on Website. The WordPress Editor will open, then down to Pages -->Click on Add New.



Step 2: Type the name of the page in the empty field (example: Calculator). Then paste the HTML code in the text field and click on Publish.




Step 3: After adding the HTML code on the page, the calculator will look squished when viewed. To fix that go to the All Pages under WordPress editor and look for the page that you just have created. Click on Quick Edit and change the Template to " No banner Page " and Save the changes. 




*Note: You won't be able to add the Web Banner to this page as we selected this page to be a no banner page so that the calculator fits the whole screen.

Step 4:  To add it as a separate page in the navigation panel of your website. Please go to Appearance tab under WordPress editor and click on Menu. Search the page that you have created and add it to the menu. You can also arrange it according to your need in the navigation panel and save it.


Result: Your page will look like this once you add the calculator:


Here is the Step by Step video tutorial on how to add the calculator to your Website.

*Disclaimer: This calculator is not the product of Dominion Lending Centres Inc. It is a Third party app managed by the Bendigi Technologies.

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