What is the difference between - HTML vs custom design?

When setting up an email signature - you have two choices regarding what DLC Head Office offers. Read on below to find out more about the pros and cons of both options.


HTML signature generated via the DLC Intranet

HTML email signatures allow you to have multiple hyperlinks inside of your signature. This means your recipients will have easy access to your contact information and with a single click, they can get in touch with you using your phone number, website, online application, and social media. The unfortunate reality behind HTML signatures is that they take a lot of work to create. Because of this, DLC only offers a handful of templates that you can choose from and these are all available through our DLC Intranet. When you generate your signature using this process, it will pull all of your personal information which is entered into your intranet profile(including your photo), and input it into your signature automatically. To learn more about how to generate an HTML signature, please review this FAQ article.


Custom designed email signature

Custom-designed signatures which are created by our marketing department work a bit differently than the HTML signatures as talked about above. The benefit of having a custom-designed signature is that our talented graphic designers can create a unique design that better represents your branding. The downside to using one of these signatures is that they are created as one image file. What this means is that you can only have one hyperlink per signature and usually you'll want that to link to your website. Any other links will have to be placed in text format under your signature if you want more. To find out how to set up your custom signature with a hyperlink, please review this FAQ article.

To submit a Design Request for Custom Email signature, click here and select Custom Design from the Drop Down.

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